Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is for Project Suziblu.
Our hats are due Oct.26.
Had much fun making it.
Retouched vintage photo in Photoshop.
Glitter, stickers, and all things nice.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This is done on birchwood 6x12.
I started off a layer of postcards, which have a personal
meaning for me.
The painting turned out completely differently than I
intended, and I am very happy by the turnout.
This happens quite frequently. You have an idea in
your mind, but your muse takes over.. Oh what fun!
I received my Steward Gill package with lotsa yummy
colors, and played with it on this painting. Lately I've been
composing Haiku poems reflecting my paintings.

Haiku Poem by Mariette

Beauty is revealed!
The love shines within your heart!
Oh Beauty indeed!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Caption reads:
Life is either a daring adventure
or nothing~Helen Keller
Haiku Poem by Mariette
accompanies this piece

Beautiful Angel
Flying to far away lands
Show me the beauty


This piece was a fun one to do!
I used a photo transfer for the very background
trees. On the blue dress I first of all pasted some hearts cutouts from japanese rice paper, and then covered it this with another beautiful transclucent blue paper for her dress.
It was a piece to honour the fall.
A Haiku poem accompanies this piece
Fall Symphony by Mariette
Fall in its beauty
Leaves of oranges and red
Visual Delight


This little painting was produced when I was in the doldrums.
It wasn't my most creative day, and decided to do something about it.
I took out my journal, scribbled, just letting go loosening up and
played until I felt my creative juices returning,Then I started playing
with ideas. I wanted to honour this moment, this moment where you can still let your heart sing, when your feeling low if you give it a chance. Then it happened. The thousand little dancing fairies, little munchkins,
all that is magical came dancing in my heart.
What a wonderful process!
Art can be created when your either up,or down. It's just a matter of being more gentle with yourself when your down, and feelings things out a little more, and honoring these feelings at that moment;-))
Her little wooden heart on her dress reads 'Honour this Moment'.
Her dress was this beautiful paper I picked up from a craft store.
I used Alchemy in her hat and blubbles.
An Haiku poem composed by myself accompanies this painting.

Haiku poem by Mariette

What beauty to feel
Pink fairies and chocklit cake
Magical Moment