Events in Vancouver

Japanese Sakura Festival

April 7/8  2012

I spent a portion of Sunday morning @ VanDussen Gardens here in Vancouver celebrating
the Japanese Sakura Festival. By the way this link have a Haiku contest , and if your
interested in entering , just hop on over

 This wonderful shakuhachi flute player was entertaining the crowd with
his beautiful meditative sounds, surrounded by nature, and also
while the calligrapher below was preparing her symbol. I purchased
one of his cd. It was so peaceful! 
 Here's she's using a very big brush
Stamping her finished work
What is a festival without food!
 I won this painting! It's a symbol for "Spring".
I was very happy. I hung it up in my art area.
And what is a spring without magnolias!
In full bloom right now.
This picture was taken last year. A
real beauty.

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