Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Winner for the Expressionistic Print!

Thank you to all those who entered the contest!
Sorry I'm a little late with the draw. I was out
of town on Sunday, and didn't return till late.
Everyone came up with great titles, and to be fair

I wrote them all down on paper, and placed them in a hat.
The winner is Kimmie, and the titled for the painting
is Enlightened Journey.

Mariette xox

Friday, February 6, 2009

Finally a little bud!

I've had this cactus for years, and it never flowered for me. Well this year, I noticed little buds on the leaf nodes about four weeks ago. I watched with interest as these started growing, and growing. It is a very slow growth process, and not to sure what the flower will look like. It seems that every day I look at it it's grown a little.
I have a Christmas cacti that blooms every year; and
it's also blooming now. This is a different cacti, with
bigger leaves. Here it is in early stage.

Mariette xox

Balancing Acts~Acrylic Collage

Collage on watercolor board.

Mariette xox

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

PRINT GIVEAWAY! Expressionistic Acrylic Collage

As an artist I think it's important to experiment .
It broadens our horizon, and opens up our mind.
I was inspired by an artist from Cincinatti by the
name of Merle Rosen http://www.merlerosen.com/ ,who
works in a variety of media. I took an online workshop http://storefront.theplatform.com/GetStorefrontEvent.event?page=6&pid=CK4RjzktyKz5nA4WCxJG2wuzZPcrnbsW with
two videos from Merle Rosen, and was inspired by her.
I wanted to try it out myself.
Your in touch with your stream of consciusness during this
painting process, and results in interesting outcomes.
When I was finished with this first piece it aroused a sense
of joy, and contentment . I was giddyish , like a child every
time I looked at it.
I used recycled material from my kitchen for stamping.
The collage was done on a watercolor canvas board, and
collage pieces on yupo paper
I used various gel mediums, and acrylic paints
Now, I want a name for this painting.
Please enter and give this painting a name.
I will choose the title i like best then the winner will
win a print.
You can enter more than once, if you come up with
another title.
The deadline is Feb. 14th!
The winner will be announced on Feb. 15th!

Mariette xox