Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let your light shine

This journal was made from a recycled office folder, the ones with little metal edges. 
I took the metal edges off, however, because I found it cumbersome.
It's my second one. The first one was a coloring book  http://lotuspond56-artlover.blogspot.com/2011/11/custom-coloring-book.html I created for my mother @ Xmas time.
She's received it and is truly happy.
This recent one is for my mixed media paintings. I've attached rings on it, unlike the first, so I can fill in new pages once it gets full!
My first mixed media painting is " Let your light Shine"....

Monday, December 26, 2011

I am here .........

 This is what I wrote in my little handcrafted Angel Book.  I called this journal "Life's Special Moments" . First entry is a poem from a prompt by Misty "I am Here" for her upcoming workshop http://mistymawn.typepad.com/                                                                       
   I Am  Here 
Shoulder shrugs,
A smile,
Quick glances,
Hurries by,
A moments pleasure,
A real treasure,
Walking by
Smelling the flowers,
French Conversations,
With the waitress from 'France',
C'est bien j'aime ca ~!
Shrugs..what to do..what to do?
There will be plenty..!
Meeting great artists online
Will be a mighty fine~
It'll be a moments pleasure
That I will surely treasure
I feel excited to learn new techniques
And taking a workshop with the wonderful
Misty Mawn
It will be a great experience
Sharpened up the pencils, got my paints
Patience it will be
It won't be to long now
Until we will be shown the know how;-)
Copyright Mariette H.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sun,Moon,Healing Heart

This is a new finish piece called Sun, Moon,Healing Heart on 12" x 24" baltic birchwood. I started this piece about 6 months ago; but paused for quite awhile before finishing it, and last week I came home from work,looked at it, and finished it off that very night. ;-)
Sometimes writers get writers block, and artists gets artist block lol. I've done that with several of my paintings, leave it on the easel, walk pass it..sometimes add a little something untill it all falls into place at that very special moment.
The Sun, and Moon represents male and feminine energy, while the heart symbolizes love and compassion for all beings.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Year 2012..full of art and fun!~

In the coming year, I will be taking two online workshop (so far ;-),from an artist http://mistymawn.typepad.com/  whose work I've admired for quite some time, and another one called Life Book 2012 http://www.willowing.org/lifebook.html  a year long mixed media art classes organized by the lovely Willowing . There will be 14 great teachers offering us techniques,and their wisdom in the mixed media world.
So much looking forward to it!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy solstice !

Many cultures celebrates solstice, which happens twice a year.
Here's a link on the science of solstice http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/december-solstice.html
Many people celebrate throughout the world with special events to honor this day.
In Vancouver here, different parts of the city have organised workshops, lantern making etc..http://secretlantern.org/index.html
 At one of the community center there's a labyrinth of light, that one can walk thru.It's a meditative walk to help release old  attachments, and renew oneself as the darkest night of the year births a new season.
I love  candles, and find so much peace, and serenity, when  I light one.
In my hallway I have a big blue bowl with floating candles, surrounded with angel cards, and a photo of the Dalai Lama. I pick an angel card everyday , which inspires me, and sets my day on the right track, observing and meditating on the message presented to me.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


This little assemblage was made with a recycled incense box.
Painted, distressed,found objects, shisha glass flower, clock, collaging, were use to create it.
Approx. 8" x 3 1/2 "  (when  opened), and a little frozen charlotte stands on guard.
Part of an incense base was used and glued on one of the panels, and I used telephone wires with a little bird dangling from it.
Handmade paper beads with bronze safety pins were used as inside decor.

Last minute recycling ideas !

Running behind..busy week..no more wrapping paper!
Here's two ideas using a handled paper handbag, and handmade paper;-)
Have fun and be creative..
A personal touch always feel so good and satisfying, and also ooak.;-)
The first one I simply made a collage on the front, used tissue paper ,golden snowflakes, silver stars, stamping, decorating until I was happy  for an xmas theme.
I also wrapped a decorative ribbon around the handles, and tied at the base of handle.
Bought some gorgeous tissue paper at one of my favorite store here in Vancouver called 'Urban Source', an Alternative art material store.http://www.urbansource.bc.ca/ (a place to surely visit if your in Vancouver;-))
For the second one I used some handmade paper (which I had), folded in half to length. I wanted  re: gift then sewed it .Once done , I opened it so the seam would be in middle. Folded the bottom, approx. an inch, than sewed across.
For the top I used little red mini eyelets all around, and laced a golden ribbon thru it and voila..now time to fill it with your gifts
As an alternative you could use regular packaging paper, and also decorate it ;-)
These two are for my sister and niece ;-)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

*CONTEST* Assemblage ~Clay Doll on wood panel ~CONTEST IS Now CLOSED

*CONTEST* Give her a name.~ She now has a name !
I drew a name out of the 15 entries , and the lucky winner was Teresa k.a. A Magical Whimsy. 
Her chose name  was 'Miramba of the Turquoise Gems' . Lovely name.
Thanks everyone for playing, and keep your eyes peel for more contests in the future .

This is a paper clay art doll , and the limbs are attached to body with annealed black
wire.(moveable). She holds a little handcrafted clay art with word "love". All her body parts are in clay , except her little furry necklace, and rhinestone on her hat which were added for a little extra sweetness.

Her two tiny blue shoes have each a little rhinestone.
Found cylindrical objects with writing.They were painted and also crackled and glued ,
on the sides of  a 3 " x 4" x 1 1/2 " wood panel, with a little wooden and semi precious stone on top.
I bought 3 of these panels at a recycling depot , and happy I did. They are perfect for small assemblages.
I love these little panels~
Ok..now for the contest
I want a name for this little cutie.
Contest will end January 3rd 2012
~ The winner will win a felted blank journal handcrafted by me, and a 5" x 7" print of choice from my etsy shop. http://petitbijouartshop.etsy.com 

Will post a pic. of journal eventually.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Kindred Spirit Project

I belong to a Kindred Spirit Project @ an online site.
It's a group of women who offer support to each other when one is not feeling well or has a serious illness.
My latest offering is a card I created for a woman with breast cancer.
All the cards will be mailed to the organiser, and she will create a book from the art we send her, and when it's finish she'll send it to the woman.
It's a great way to uplift someone, and from something we create with love.
Here's  my contribution
Poem by Rumi:

A life without love
Is of no account
Love is the water of life
Drink it down with heart and soul

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Custom Coloring Book

I have a pile of old folders , which has been sitting around for awhile.
My mom is in a senior home now, and she likes coloring.
My sister and I had been talking about xmas gifts, and she had initially suggested a coloring book for mom. Well this idea was brewing in my mind ..and yes, making her a home made coloring book, and using the folder as a cover.
It was an overnight project,and finished the cover this morning.
I initially gessoed the folders, and created layers upon layers until I was happy.
My mom loves happy things so I made a landscape with peace doves, stars and heart. The flowers were made with recycled cardboard.  I did a lot of glazing  to make the layers shine thru.
The inside was glued with beautiful paper, and I added a big piece of clear contact sheet (which is a plastic you lined your kitchen cupboard with) as an added protective layer for the paper.
Ribbons adorns the edges.
I found some coloring pages to d/l  in google, and printed those on 80 lb paper, which was just perfect, and some which I thought my mom would love. I found 2 special one , which I put as the last page. It says "I love You Mom".. I wrote a french caption underneath each photo, as we are french, so it would connect more with her.
Here are some photos:

I didn't spend much for creating this artwork; but I feel very fullfilled with
the love I felt  for my mom when creating it. It's also mostly all recycled objects, and that is
bonus. This,handmade,and love mix together makes a great 'melange' for artistic creativity;-)
Sometimes with little , it says so much, and the reward is so satisfying!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Panels and clay doll in progress

Trying out a new technique using printmaking and glazing adding depth.
I bought these lovely little 3" x 4" wood panel with a 1 1/2 " thickness.
Just love'em!
The little doll created in paperclay. I'm planning to use one of the panels for my little clay doll.
 Not to sure how she will develop; but enjoying where it's leading;-)


Sunday, November 13, 2011

"There's Always One That Stands Out in The Crowd"

canvas panel,acrylic,acrylic inks,modeling paste,acrylic glazing medium,pouring medium

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Angel Flying over the Mountains

My newest little Angel.
Originally painted on tea bag
Size 4" x 6 1/2"
                                                  oil pastels,watercolors, acrylics,inks,pencil, beeswax

Friday, November 4, 2011

Enchanted Guardian

'Enchanted Guardian'~ 2 1/2 " x 6 1/2" on dried teabag. Oil pastels, watercolors,inks, stabilo all pencil,beeswax
 (Click to see bigger image) I was inspired by artist http://lynnehoppe.blogspot.com/on her teabag technique,and just loved it.
My sweet little enchanted guardian is on her way to the UK.Listed her in my etsy, and was sold. I know she's going to a good home ;-) xox

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The "Name The Little Witch Contest"
First of all I would like to thank everyone for playing, and coming up with fantastic
names. Your all winners in my eyes; but only could pick one for the contest
Without further ado.......


CONGRATULATIONS TO :>>>> JEN CLAIR for naming my witch.
JEN came up with the name Grimelda.
If you see this Jen contact me to claim your prize.
You have a choice of 3 fridge magnets and 2 ( 5" x 7" )prints from my shop!
I'll try contacting you as well


Friday, October 28, 2011

Whoo Whoo Whoo

My little owl fibre project
About 5" high.
Body created  with leftover fleece (from a jacket I made for a friend), and cotton material was from remnants in a big barrel at a place called Maiwa here in Vancouver. http://www.maiwa.com/ . They carry some of the most beautiful fabric and yarn. A fav. place of mine. The eyes were made with felt.
All handstitched with random and blanket stitching.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

HALLOWEEN CONTEST~ Give a Name to my little witch doll

Give a name for my little witch doll
The name will be drawn on Halloween nite .
It be picked randomly out of a hat.
1st Prize will win 2 prints of choice(5"x7") , and 3 magnets of choice.
(except the Frida one's)@ my shop http://petitbijouartshop.etsy.com
Any art in my shop can be made into a magnet.
Please post your answer here
Good luck and thanks for participating and having fun!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Clay/Cone witch ~Contest to name my little witch coming soon~

Contest to name my witch coming soon.
She's almost done. Working on one leg, and boot .
Here are the  pics.
Her main body (minus face, arm, and legs is a very thick cone shape, I purchased from a recycle store called Urban Sources here in Vancouver. The rest is paper clay.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cone Shape Doll

I purchase one very hard cone shape cardboard at a recycled store called Urban Source here in Vancouver.
I stuffed it and taped both ends with masking tape then paper mache.Put one layer of clear gesso, and one layer of paint. Paperclay head neck and bodice. I've place the wire , where her  dangling arms and legs will be. It's  currently drying outside, and have to wait for 24 hours until I could further work on it !
Made a paperclay head, neck and bodice..Waiting 24 hours for it to dry.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

She looked pretty with a flower in her hair

I am currently taking an online class with Katie Kendricks called Layered Impressions.
I'm enjoying it very much!
She's been teaching us how to draw with our left hand.
I love using my right hand as well; but with my non dominant hand ( which happens to be my left), it touches a part of me which makes me feel wholesome.
This is my second drawing.
When I draw with my left hand, it feels very good. It captures a part of me that is raw (for lack of better words) , and innocent.  The faces I create are not a perfect portrait, and I like that because we live in an 'imperfect world'. I like the asymetrical faces that comes out from an initial drawing. It gives them an amusing character, that always makes me smile.
The faces looks 'other worldly'; but at the same time some of the quirky looks that comes out of these drawings could define some real life characters.
Checkout  http://joyouslybecoming.typepad.com/layered_impressions_regis/supplies.html , and learn more about Katie Kendricks;-)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Love,Love, Love Angel

Prints available @ my etsy >Reads :"Dry your tears.Let them dissolve in the ocean of love"