Tuesday, September 20, 2011

She looked pretty with a flower in her hair

I am currently taking an online class with Katie Kendricks called Layered Impressions.
I'm enjoying it very much!
She's been teaching us how to draw with our left hand.
I love using my right hand as well; but with my non dominant hand ( which happens to be my left), it touches a part of me which makes me feel wholesome.
This is my second drawing.
When I draw with my left hand, it feels very good. It captures a part of me that is raw (for lack of better words) , and innocent.  The faces I create are not a perfect portrait, and I like that because we live in an 'imperfect world'. I like the asymetrical faces that comes out from an initial drawing. It gives them an amusing character, that always makes me smile.
The faces looks 'other worldly'; but at the same time some of the quirky looks that comes out of these drawings could define some real life characters.
Checkout  http://joyouslybecoming.typepad.com/layered_impressions_regis/supplies.html , and learn more about Katie Kendricks;-)


O mundo de Alex said...

love your face very unusual and different. i haven't posted nothing yet but i'm enjoying the whole process and katie creativity.

artlover said...

O mundo de Alex..
I'm totally enjoying Katie's class, and these faces makes me smile.
I love them so.
Oh, let me know when you've created a face..Would love to see it ;-)

Cheers xox