Sunday, October 10, 2010

Free Art Course offered by Tam

 Come and join Willowing and Friends.
 Tam is offering a free course at her Ning Site!!

Art, Heart & Healing- REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! Free Art & Healing for Everyone! yayayayayaya!! :) I'm so excited! You can join the group OVER HERE and download the welcome pack & supply list by clicking HERE. COME JOIN NOW! :) Course starts on 18th October!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

LLama at the Exhibtion!

Every summer my friend and I go to the Pacific National Exhibtion.
One of the place I enjoyed visiting is the Farm.
Here's a cool pic of llama I took.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Whoooooo hoooo Time for a giveaway! Draw August 31st

It's time for a giveaway
There's 2 parts to the giveaway 
 See below for instructions!

I was featured in the Cloth, Paper, Scissors  "Muse Flash" section of the  july/august  issue. I created a papier mache art work with a recycle frozen dinner box.

I have an extra copy , and would like to give one away so you can enjoy it as well!
Cloth,Paper,Scissors is  a bi montly magazine with great mixed media artwork.
There's a plethora of ideas, for those who aren't familiar with the magazine' on projects and techniques.


First Part:      What is your muse? (Answer in Comments below)
Second Part : In my etsy shop I have an item which fits  the following description below in *Clue*
                        (Please send me your answer  to Second Part @

The item in question is  very light green, light blue,  has eyes and full of dots !

Good Luck everyone!

Here's the link

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Muse Flash Feature in Cloth Paper Scissors

I was featured in Muse Flash from Cloth paper Scissors magazine . It is a  a' potpourri  of creative inspirations' with other featured  artists.
You can find me in the July/August issue 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Book Covers

 Book covers are ready for signatures. The first one (Budddha) is a commissioned work.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Artist Beth Meador's Story

I met this wonderful artist , who is doing artwork for people to heighten awareness about blindness.
I am helping her to achieve her goal with her hope of  having at least one ATC in every continent of
the globe .
I received this one from Beth called "Bloom"
If you would like to know more about Beth please read her story by clicking on "Artist Beth Meador's Story " above.
Here it will also show you how you can go to another link to participate in this event to help Beth realize her goal.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bijou near the Window

Bijou near the window (approx. 6 weeks).
He loved to lie down and curl up in this container
on the window sill.
Done on 2.5 x 3.5 ACEO in acrylics.
Little flowers embellishments outside the window.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Sweet Whimsical Angel!

I haven't found names yet for my Angel Collages; but do enjoy creating them.
This is approx. 9" x 11 1/2 ". Created the collage, embellished, fused beeswax,
and crackle on collage and edges.
The collage was glued on blue cardstock, and used 7 mm double side tape
on the borders, and embossed with gorgeous Zing embossing powder.
Check out the little dragonfly on the window, and tiny black eyes :-)
I use a lattice handmade paper glued on blued cardstock for the back, which is
glued on black mat.(Can't see the black mat because it's covered)
Hangs with beautiful translucent sky blue ribbon  (approx.16 1/2 " in length)
Prints available upon request.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

What did I make this weekend

Done on Fabriano watercolor paper, a mat background, embossed borders, with light green japanese paper on the back, and gorgeous translucent gold ribbon this would be a beautiful art piece
in anyone's home.
Various papers to create the angel,butterfly wings, and dress were used.
Three little wooden button were also used
A crackling effect technique on body , and background were also used

Sunday, May 16, 2010

First of Three Paintings Commission

I am working on three paintings presently for one person.
The theme is Three Sisters..I just finished the first one.
The first one I just finished was inspired by Raphael The Three Graces.
The Three Graces are the personification of grace and beauty.
In Raphaels The Three Graces all women have their hand on each other's shoulders, and I was immediately
inspired to create a mixed media work using that same idea , because the Three Sisters are very close to each other. It was a great challenge, and enjoyed creating this  artwork for Jenni.
Although Jenni and I know each other only thru helping each other out thru etsy, we don't know each other well; but after doing these three paintings I feel a closeness I can relate to,because we are also Three Sisters.

In the Three Sisters I created the customer wanted specific items held in their hands a sun, moon and star

 The second painting was inspired from a photo of my 2 sisters and myself. 
In this painting more so than the other two, I felt some sadness.Just
the way it turned out. By writing the three words Love Faith and Hope it enhanced
the love and closeness of the Three Sisters under trying situations

In the last painting The Three Sisters are under an arch. I was inspired by different artists.
I used a crackling technique
to make the building look old.This painting also depicts the closeness with The Three Sisters.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Poem

Wishing everyone a wonderful Happy Mother's Day!
This is a little poem I wrote.
I'm  very close to my mom

Mother's Day Poem by Mariette Hebert

A mother is there for all your needs
She is very special indeed!
Listening to your woes!
It is indeed very so!
I love her because she gave me life
Took care of me day and nite
I love my mother so
Like there's no tomorrow
She is one of a kind
And of course I don't mind
Because she is my mother
And there is no other to replace her

With love

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Photos of Bijou my cat

Today was a beautiful sunny day in Vancouver.
I spend the day working on a Whimsical Wooden/Polymer clay doll, which you
can see in previous post.
Trying to finished 'unfinished projects'.
It's very satisfying when I do. Some of them laid away as if to say..c'mon get on
with I'm next
I recently had a commission request for 3 paintings for one person.
Started the first one...

Here are a few pictures of Bijou I took today
He's sitting on top of his scratching post. It's
near the window , therefore , he gets a good view of the garden,and birds of course ;-)

Whimsical Fairy Wooden/Polymer clay doll

I just finished this little cuty today.
The face,arms,and legs ( with little shoes) are
attached to a piece of plywood, thru wiring and nails.
If you click on photo and enlarge it you can see crackle effects on face, wood , bird
basically everything.
It was so so fun to make.
I learned how to make this doll   with Nancy Williams, a doll maker,
You can find her here>>>

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wool Roving Paper

I bought this gorgeous wool/silk roving from , and with some of it created this gorgeous paper. I took a picture of it drying outside in the early morning .

Friday, March 19, 2010

Alice in Wonderland ATC Exchange

These are my ATC's on Alice in Wonderland theme for the exchange at Cristina Zinnia's site.
Various materials were used, and bottles digital sheet purchased from an etsian.

Mariette xox

Monday, March 8, 2010

Recycle Art Papier Mache!

Here are some of my papier mache art work.
These take quite awhile to produce as I layer the surface with strips of recycled
paper with an adhesive made of flour and water. When I'm done i let it sit to dry
for a couple of days.
Secondly I use a layer of gesso,and when dry i sand it lightly to smooth it
Thirdly is design and paints.
On the very last layer I used 4 coats of pouring medium which gives it a glossy look.

1. Something Fishy~ 4 sided panels
2. Three whimsical cats~3 sided panels.
3. Art Walk
4 .Three flowers
5. Pretty Woman

All hang with pretty
ribbon except Three flowers and Pretty Woman.
To see more info. on my art work check my etsy store. You will be able to see the 3 and 4 panels full view also.

Fiber Art

Some of my fibre art items.
Sold at my shop.
1. Heart shape flower
2. Little jewel flowers
3. Vintage bag
from 100% wool sweater

ATC Paris Theme

I did a six card exchange with a Ning group called Roses at My Table hosted with Cristina Zinnia Galliher. We do the exchange every second month. This one was for January.
Here are my six cards that I sent out for exchange, and got six back in return.