Monday, March 8, 2010

Recycle Art Papier Mache!

Here are some of my papier mache art work.
These take quite awhile to produce as I layer the surface with strips of recycled
paper with an adhesive made of flour and water. When I'm done i let it sit to dry
for a couple of days.
Secondly I use a layer of gesso,and when dry i sand it lightly to smooth it
Thirdly is design and paints.
On the very last layer I used 4 coats of pouring medium which gives it a glossy look.

1. Something Fishy~ 4 sided panels
2. Three whimsical cats~3 sided panels.
3. Art Walk
4 .Three flowers
5. Pretty Woman

All hang with pretty
ribbon except Three flowers and Pretty Woman.
To see more info. on my art work check my etsy store. You will be able to see the 3 and 4 panels full view also.

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