Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mixed Media

This was done on Baltic Birchwood 6" x 12"
I initially did a fabric collage on muslin then
made background with homemade paper layered
with 100% beeswax
Use the collage as the focal point.
Used more beeswax for sealing.
Smells so nice....
Ready to hang
For sale at my Etsy

New.. Bamboo Domino Pendants

Made with semi precious stones , beads, silver, delicas, skulls these pendants are created and designed by me. All except the Dancing Skeleton are attached with a beautiful polyester cord, and a lobster clasp with extension. Please check my Etsy Shop for more information.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home made carved stamps for the ATC project from milliande's site.
Anne is the hosting this project . I created 6 ATC'S with our homemade stamps.

1. Venus Willendorf 1
2. Venus Willendorf 2
3. Leaves 1
4. Leaves 2
5. Abstract

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Judith A. Hoffberg was the editor of Umbrella an art journal published from 1978-2008.
She passed away and all her work is available online.

Mariette xox

Festival Du Bois

Each year at Mackin Park, in Coquitlam B.C.,"Le Festival du Bois"takes place.
Translation would be 'Festival of the Wood" ; but it sounds funny. It's basically
refering to the wood because that's where the maple is sapped from the trees.
That' s what the title is suggesting.
It's a chance to celebrate the region's French Candian history and heritage.
The festival is celebrated around the same time the maple is sapped from the tree in Quebec.
It is than boiled and made into maple syrup.
Places in Quebec, and some parts of the maritimes make delicious maple products, and it can
be sold or eaten on premises .These places are called 'Cabane a Sucre' (Sugar Shack).
Here are some photos taken at the Festival today (March 7/09), showing the process of
maple on ice. Music fills the air, and here we have a
washboard entertainer!
Mariette xox

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fabric Collages

Hello friends!
I've been doing some Fabric Collages in the last little while. Here are some of my finish pieces.
I used cheesecloth, japanese tissue paper, and muslin as some of my support.

Mariette xox