Sunday, March 8, 2009

Festival Du Bois

Each year at Mackin Park, in Coquitlam B.C.,"Le Festival du Bois"takes place.
Translation would be 'Festival of the Wood" ; but it sounds funny. It's basically
refering to the wood because that's where the maple is sapped from the trees.
That' s what the title is suggesting.
It's a chance to celebrate the region's French Candian history and heritage.
The festival is celebrated around the same time the maple is sapped from the tree in Quebec.
It is than boiled and made into maple syrup.
Places in Quebec, and some parts of the maritimes make delicious maple products, and it can
be sold or eaten on premises .These places are called 'Cabane a Sucre' (Sugar Shack).
Here are some photos taken at the Festival today (March 7/09), showing the process of
maple on ice. Music fills the air, and here we have a
washboard entertainer!
Mariette xox

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