Fiber Art

 As a cat lover, and having one of my own by the name of Bijou, I had fun creating these little whimsies with felt.
This little darling was needle felted on a 3.5 x 4 on a piece of wool felt with a batik back.Hand stitched with embroidery floss and embellished.
I love to give them names and called this one Sha Mia meaning to be of high spirit in african.;-)

 2. Adora meaning adorable was needled felted on a piece of wool felt with batik back. Hand stitch with embroidery floss, and embellished

3. Little needle felted flowers

4. Upcycled hand made bag
This was made with 100% wool vest
The body of the purse is 91/4" x 7" appros. with a vintage appeal to it.
I had a lot of fun making it;-)
There's little imperfections here and there adding to the charm; but is sturdily made.
The strap was made with the button hole border.
Some silk sari , red and gorgeous blue ribbon in
different width adorns the edge.
A little green felted flower with a little bead made by me was tacked securely onto the front body of purse
I lined the inside and hand sewed a magnetic snap on either side of lining for closure.

5.Cable Clutch
This was hand knitted with 100% peruvian wool, and felted.
Size is approx.6" x 10"

6. Upcycled sweater (using the sleeves)
 OOAK handmade tote from a felled 100% sweater sleeve.
It's approx. 15" long and lined with beautiful batik.
Two little applique hearts on inside near the straps.(straps about 37")
Straps were made from sweater front edge border, and reinforced with twill tape to prevent the wool from stretching.
I embellished the strap with ziggity zaggaty stitches!
Sari silk along the edge of the purse, and decorative ribbon hand stitches above it.

7.'A Little Birdie Told Me So'
is a handmade needle felted project, mounted on a piece of wool felt.
The piece itself is 3 1/2 x 4 and length including embellishments is approx. 9"
Batik material for the back
A little birdies on a red heart sending message of love to all!♥

8. "Won't you be mine" is a little fiber art Valentine inspiration
Size is about 3 x 3 1/2" for the main body , and length with sari silk fringes and embellishment with cord is approx. 10"
Piece of felt for backing was sewn on to it.
Three metal embellishment at end of sari silk which reads: Faith, Be True, and Be Yourself
A suede cord attached to it for hanging.

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