Sometimes our creativity gets stifled, and a good way to give our creativity a boost is to bring out the muse by keeping a journal, or random creative exercise .
It's not necessary to do an entry every day. Do it when you feel like it.
My Muse Journal started on January 2nd.
Get ideas from magazines,books, online, daily walks.
Take along a camara, and take photos of interesting

Colorful Fishes
My first entry was an idea I took from an art pamphlet, and played with it
I am using the triad color of winsor blue(red), winsor lemon and permanent pink
watercolors for this exercise. If you don't have these colors play with what you have;-)

Moleskin watercolor notebook
Watercolors Winsor blue(red shade) Winsor lemon , Permanent pink
Zig Millenium pigment ink markers
Prismalcolor Marker
Round Brush

I drew my image and played by making sections at  random places.
Don't thrive for perfection..just play
Then I applied water at various sections, then played with colors.
Mix the colors together. This is a very nice triad, and the colors mix beautifully.
Let the section dry, while you move to another one and so forth.
Have fun!
Here's what I came up with

 Paper Weaving technique

Black cardstock
140 watercolor paper
Watercolors  Winsor blue (red shade),Winsor yellow, permanent red
Glue or double sided tape
White pencil, or gel pen  * I used a white oil pencil

Cut your black cardstock to your journal size . Fill it with random thoughts or
a story. It doesn't matter what you write because it will eventually be covered.
Just let things flow naturally.
Cut strips ;but leave 1/4" on top

Paint you watercolor paper. When dry , cut into strips
Weave in and out on the black cardstock
I taped the back on each side , and placed it in my journal.
Left the extra length of watercolor paper dangling, and the back wrote tools I used.

I enjoyed doing this one . Good hand and eye coordination project, and great for kids also.

Have Fun!


 Beautiful Children
I cut out a newspaper clipping , while I was travelling in my home town last summer, with children doing meditation. It was such a charming photo. This is what I played with today, and it was tremendously fun and satisfying. I hope you enjoy this little tutorial as well.

Mixed Media Collage and Image Transfer Technique

Moleskin Watercolor journal
Goldens Fluid Acrylic
Matte Medium
Paint brush
Photocopy of Images (*for this image transfer method I used a print shop copy*)
*Image Transfer Method
    (Tutorial from Cloth,Paper,Scissors ~link for Image Transfer Method
Zig pens
Watercolor Crayons

First start with your image transfer on surface( link above on method)
Next I applied a coat of matte medium on my entire work
Dried with heat gun
Used a zig pen and added more detailed to my transfer.(You can use any fine tip waterproof felt tip marker)
Watercolor crayons at random place(dried)
Collage images I chose
  * Newspaper clipping from my travel last summer (I liked this photo so much..especially little guy at the front)
  * Flower from my garden.
Used matte medium to paste and another coat of matte medium on entire piece afterwards
Watercolor crayons on children's shirt and mat. Random outline
Results so far........

Further work with watercolor crayons and glazes Golden Fluid Acrylics.
For glazes I use 1 part to about 3 parts matte medium..
Worked on the bird some more,added embellishements, and finished the entire  with a glaze of matte medium
and pyrole orange transparent (by Goldens)

Hope you enjoyed, and had fun as well;-)
Recycled styrofoam and aluminium

1 . Styrofoam Stamps


Check the link below for finished work with the stamps, and method


2.Aluminium cover from yogurt containers




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