Friday, October 23, 2009

Handcrafted Book

This is my latest handcrafted book based on one of my
original paintings Taking Flight.
This one of a kind handcrafted coptic stitch book is based on one of my paintings, which is sold as prints in my shop.
It is art in book form which you can display on your desk, or when not in use tie with a cord with two beads on each ends.
Affirmations written at random on front cover.
Various papers with three signatures lines the book.
You'll find lined paper,Arches and Aquarelle watercolor paper (140 lb and 300 lb),St. Armand paper,(from Montreal),Drawing paper.. enough to satisfy your creative needs.
The back cover is made with a beautiful batik print.
Signed by me on inside back cover.
Taking Flight is 7" x 9".
Taking flight is about new directions.
Letting go of the old, and renewing with new possibilities in discovering our highest potentials.
Adorned with wool, and ribbon, charms.
A handcrafted bookmark covered with vellum and ribbon with two beads comes with the book to carry you throughout the very end with your treasured thoughts, memories.

Three Drawings in ink and wax

Three latest drawing with inks and wax on specialty paper. These drawings were done without any predetermined results. I just let the process happen,and something unfolds. I just move with the flow like a meditation, and it ends when the time is right.
At the end something reveals itself to me. It could be a word, something I see in the painting, etc.
These drawing are available for sale at my etsy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Halloween giveaway! Two winners!

It's getting close to to Halloween, and just to celebrates the ghosts and gobblins with you
I am giving away this 4 x 6 1/2 purrrrrrrowling Halloween cat on wood.
He's been purrrrrrrwoling the neighborhood in hoping that on
Halloween Day someone will take him home.
Here's your chance to adopt him!
To enter tell me in a few words what Halloween means to you,
On October 31st..I will put all the name in a hat and the
lucky winner will take purrrrrrrrowling kitty home.

This needle felted project called Pumpkin Love
will also go to a lucky winner.
Good luck everyone, and thanks for playing;-)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Spring Medlody Mixed Media Handmade book

This handmade book is
5 1/2" x 9 " , and was created by me using the coptic stitch One of a kind.
The image on the cover is from my painting Spring Melody.which I sold recently. I altered the look of the window, which I quite like. Two paper clay lady bugs are resting on two of the panes, and a bird in flight on the top one. The marker part for holding your page in place has 3 big coral beads on twine at the end to carry you thru the vary last page with your treasure thoughs and secrets. There's a mix of blank,lined, and tibetan paper. On the inside of the front cover is a beautiful patterned batik material, and on back cover a glass mirror flower with hemp stem , adding a special touch to the book. These little round mirrors can be found on traditional east indian clothes, and are called 'shishas'. Look in the mirror,and see your beautiful smile;-) Affirmations at random on front cover.

Available at my etsy

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Handmade Mixed Media Books

My latest handmade book .

I enjoy the process!!
Intuitively , I gather
paper from previous
projects.. pieces of paper that I save.
Some I paint, some already have a design.
I glue them on a bookboard randomly..
I love to see what unfolds..
Sometimes a thought of an item I
have stored in a box will come to mind..
and I get was meant to be added to this process.
My muse is in full swing..
I used transparency film to create the image with gel medium..
Four strands of wool as bookmark adorns the outside
of cover with various beads, and inside for placement

For sale at my etsy store

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Turtle Tea Lite Holder

This year I've been finding turtles on my journey, and discovered that it is one of my power animal.
I found this tea lite holder turtle this summer at an antique shop in Virginia.
The turtle as a power animal reminds us to ground ourselves in the nurturing and protective energy of the earth and to flow with it's energy at a pace which assures completion of our task

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hi everyone!
Haven't been around for awhile.
I have been busy working, creating, keeping up with my etsy shop , Bijou my cat in general.
Just to keep you up to date on what I've been up to .
I've been creating mixed media journal books with leftover material from other projects, and am enjoying making these very much. Check them out at my etsy shop!

Mariette xox