Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Halloween giveaway! Two winners!

It's getting close to to Halloween, and just to celebrates the ghosts and gobblins with you
I am giving away this 4 x 6 1/2 purrrrrrrowling Halloween cat on wood.
He's been purrrrrrrwoling the neighborhood in hoping that on
Halloween Day someone will take him home.
Here's your chance to adopt him!
To enter tell me in a few words what Halloween means to you,
On October 31st..I will put all the name in a hat and the
lucky winner will take purrrrrrrrowling kitty home.

This needle felted project called Pumpkin Love
will also go to a lucky winner.
Good luck everyone, and thanks for playing;-)


Mónica Zúñiga said...

Halloween means a time to create. I get really inspired! I just love this season because many artist create such a beautiful fun art that isn`t spooky but soooo cute! :)
I also love it `cause it means Chirstmas is next and is one of my favorite time of the year!!


edmontonjb said...

To me Halloween is all about acting like a kid. Carving pumpkins, dressing up, eating treats are all things we did as a kid and still absolutely love to do as grown us.

catss99 said...

Halloween is about trick or treating. Even though I'm in my late 20's, I look young enough that I can still get by. I love it!

civ05 said...

I love decorating my house with scary things!
karen, civ05@yahoo.com

Silver Artisan said...

HI there Mariette!
I Love cats and your kittie is gorgeous! I hope I win : ) Halloween means to me a great opportunity to pretend you are whatever you want to be. Last year I was a cheff,this year I want to dress as Frida Kahlo, yay. One day I want to be a spectacula Matador, but I need to lose some pounds first LOL. Thank you for your generosity.

Sam King The Artist said...

Hi Mariette! Thanks for putting this competition on, what fun!! Halloween means the thrill of knocking on your neighbors doors, and getting closer to people around you in the community, which I think it's totally great, and a fantastic excuse to get out of the bounds of normality. It brings out the kid and fantasies that lie in us all, and I used to love collecting pennies for UNICEF when I was a kid growing up in Canada too! P.S. If I win can I have the felt pumpkins :-)