Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Handmade Mixed Media Books

My latest handmade book .

I enjoy the process!!
Intuitively , I gather
paper from previous
projects.. pieces of paper that I save.
Some I paint, some already have a design.
I glue them on a bookboard randomly..
I love to see what unfolds..
Sometimes a thought of an item I
have stored in a box will come to mind..
and I get it..it was meant to be added to this process.
My muse is in full swing..
I used transparency film to create the image with gel medium..
Four strands of wool as bookmark adorns the outside
of cover with various beads, and inside for placement

For sale at my etsy store


Bridget said...

beautiful...I bet you love doing collages too

artlover said...

Hi Bridget.. thanks for your lovely comment.
I love Expressionistic collages.

Mariette xox