Friday, January 30, 2009


From an art site I belong to ..Host had ole picture
of his great great grandma. He
wanted us to color her up a bit.
I totally changed the mood of the photo.
In the photo she had a black dress with
white frilly front, and sitting down.
She had a very long tragic life,
and four husbands!!!
Waiting for whom?
Waiting for what?
Umm I wonder!
5" x7" canvas boards

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pearls Of Art and Buddhist Wisdom

Hello Dear Friend Bloggers,
I've created a new Ning group called Pearls of Art and Buddhist Wisdom.
I was originally in MSN GROUP; but they are closing their group services, and decided this would be a good place to migrate.
We are celebrating Green Tara Goddess of compassion in action in Tibetan Buddhism from January 26/09 -February 24/09
We will aim at reciting 10,000 mantras (333 a day plus one extra one on any day to add to the 10,000) .;-)
More information about the Goddess Tara can be find at Pearls of Art and Buddhist Wisdom.
The site is fairly new , and it will take awhile to grow again,
and transfer some of the existing data from the old site.
Hope you will join in, and invite your friends
Wishing you all a day of love and light;-)

Mariette xox

Saturday, January 24, 2009

~Brag Book~

Inspired by Misty Mawn Altered Photo day Misty's altered photo challenge.
I am creating what's called a "Brag Book".
This is also inspired by the Somerset Workshop Magazine (August 2008 issue)
by artist Shona Cole.
Here are my three altered photos so far
In this little book I'll be bragging about Bijou
my cat.;-)))
I am not to sure how many pages I will make for
the book. I used 81/2 x 51/2 handmade paper
with a coat of gesso on both sides. Just love
working on this.
Will continue with progress on other posts.

Mariette xox

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Saw Some Flamingos

Pink Sunday...

Indeed , indeed

There I was
As I saw the most beautiful
I was sitting
here trying to figure out
what to draw in pink lol
Pink bubblegums, pink cottoncandy,
how about pink icing on a cake, pink tutu ,
or pink rosy cheeks from all that cold air outside.
I'll settle with the pink flamingos;-)))
Mariette xox

Mariette xox


Yellow Mellow.. for Saturday
I close my eyes
As I let the sound of music
Seep thru me
Relaxing, so relaxing
And I fall in a deep sleep
Mariette xox

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lady in Red

Red Friday.. whoa!
What does red mean for you?
There's many symbols related to the color red.
Red symbolizes life energy, physical strength and vitality, joy, excitement, passion, luck
Childhood stories.. Little 'Red Hen', 'Little Red Riding Hood'
In Asian culture monetary gifts are usually presented in 'red 'envelopes during festive occasions
The 'red lotus' expresses compassion and passion

Mariette xox

Friday, January 16, 2009

White Thursday:Self Portrait with Bijou

Into the white. This was most challenging
I was playing with the whites to get some
reasonable amount of darks also.
It was made on very thick cardboard ( almost
looked like bookboard) ,which was attached to a teething cooler for Bijou my cat . He's 10 months old and bites
into everything. He chewed off the cord on my yoga pants lol
I gessoed the thick cardboard three times on both side, and it was wonderful to work on. It's 81/2 x 51/2..
I have some beautiful silk ribbon , and I think it's ready
to hang up;-)))
Mariette xox

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"There was a little bird"

Green Wednesday;-)
Inspired by Gustav Klimt 'Two Women One Nude'

There was a little bird so green
Who sang a song so sweet
He went 'tweet,tweet,tweet'
Then to his feathers he preened.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vanishing Point

Enjoyed playing with oranges.
Sealed with beeswax.

How to Make an Ancient Relief

Here's a video from a great artist in the Netherland Carla VanDenBerg. It inspired me a great deal and tried her technique. She demonstrated on how to do an ancient relief.

Inspired by Carla>>>

Mariette xox

She Came Out of the Blue

Inspired by Misty Mawn , thru Milliande on her page on doing one color a day for the week.
Monday was 'blue'

In this one I used crackling paste.
Have you ever seen faces in your paintings before you
actually paint one?
I was playing with blue paint , just mixing on the page
until I saw a shape that reminded me of face.
then saw connection to arms and leg.
Initially she was naked; but decided to cover her
with a dress;-)

Then title 'She Came Out of the Blue 'came to me.
And there she is!
C'mon gals and flex your creative juices..;-)))
Mariette xox

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yesterday, I came across this neat little southwest indian stencil booklet , while I was looking for bookboards at the goodwill store. It was my lucky day. I ended up with ten bookboards of various size, and this little stencil booklet sitting on top of one of the books.
I created this in my journal with the Hopi Flute Dancers.
It's a big ceremony , and the rites involve in this celebration is to bring
about abundance, crop growth, fertility etc...
Here's my rendition
Mariette xox

Saturday, January 10, 2009

DAY 9:Self Portrait and Dedication to Pooh!

Created stamp in photoshop , then printed on green vellum.
I also made a brush out of it, which is really neat ;-). Angel reaching our on left page.
Dedicating this journal self portrait to suzi
belove Pooh.
Mariette xox

Friday, January 9, 2009

DAY 8:Weary Angels

Journal entry for day 8.
Background created with various papers.
Two angels that just need a little rest;)))
Mariette xox

Thursday, January 8, 2009

DAY:7 Metamorphosis

Butterfly on homemade batik oil pastel paper.
~Haiku Poem~

From Insect to butterfly
What beauty colorful wings

Mariette xox

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Mother Nature is sending us rain again today.
What better time than to be creative;-)))
I made some homemade batik oil pastel papers, and this is
a painting I did with one of the piece.
I used the tag, you can see below , and a piece of the batik paper.
In my journal entry for Day 6.
Distress ink for the very background.
Batik oil pastel paper (homemade), and tag painting on it
in my Journal
Four wooden buttons on each corners

Mariette xox

Monday, January 5, 2009

DAY:5 Love and Peace

Love and Peace done in Zentangle style micron pen


Applied some modgepodge on journal page and glued little bits of scraps I save in a box.
Then I used a layer of gel medium, let it dry.
Afterwards I used watersoluble color crayons to fill in the spaces.

When I was finish playing with background, I let it dry, then sketched my flowers with gesso.
When gesso was dried I painted with acrylics

Mariette xox

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I won a guessing game at Milliande's site, and she sent me
some wonderful things to play with. One of the things
was a little cloth doll filled with lavander..and various
items to make an amulet.
Her little dress is adorned with sequins, and she has
a little blue flower on the side of her dress.
I placed semi precious stones at each of her chakra.
At the top I punched two little holes, and laced a
silk ribbon to hang her in my special place.
Sorry about the glare at the bottom of photo:-)

Mariette xox


Today I decorated my journal cover as part of Day 3 journal entry for January.
Gessoed part of the cover, and drew a figure. This was based on a photo
I took while walking around the Farmer's Market . It's a favorite spot of mine.
Some of the performing artists are musicians and mime. This woman was
painted in gold from head to toe, and she looked like a statue. I used
different colors to give her more life

Mariette xox

Friday, January 2, 2009


DAY 1: The first picture is the Journal I am using for my entries. I made this journal book last
year, and thought it would be a great book for my January entries. A project was started
by Milliande at her site. The goal is to do a journal entry every day for the month of January.
Come and join in if you wish. Only two days to catch up.
Tiles and doors in my entry are provided by Milliande at her site.
If you would like to post a link here to your site , I would like to see what you create!
Get those creative juices flowing.

The beginning of my pages in my journal are aspens on the left, and hands towards the heavens.
The hands represents a dual meaning here for me. Last year I broke my wrist and it was a learning curve. I learned how to use my left hand for painting, writing and other things. It is also embracing the Beginning of the New Year. Above there's a chinese symbol. In english it translates" Of a Good Beginning Cometh a Good End".
Following is the Old Door of 2008, closing the door, entering a new door for 2009. Milliande gives a gread video on how to create the doors. Check it out!
Day 2: My day 2 entry is Embracing the Goddess.
"I Embrace the Sacred Goddess Within"...I celebrate the magic!

Mariette xox


Thursday, January 1, 2009


Before I announce the winners I would like to thank everyone for playing ,and sharing your most inspiring moment .
There'll be more giveaways in the future;-)
It's a joy for me to share my work.

I've had many inspiring moments in 2008. My most inpiring was when I took an abandoned kitten in, and named in Bijou (Jewel in french).
I also get much inspirations from the artists I meet
online, doing the suziblu class, meeting Milliande, and willowing
also gives me a lot of inspiraton. Looking forward to Milliande's class in February;-)
With a little blessing we now close this door, and welcome with open hands the New Year.
I wish you all a healthy, prosperous, and creative flow for 2009
May all your dreams come true.

The moment you've been waiting for...

I wrote all the participants name down, cut out the name in little shapes,
fold it and placed in a straw hat.
I did the shake and twist, until I pulled out a the first lucky name .
The first winner is.........


A little more shake and twist, and the second lucky name is...


Yea!Ms. Bliss


Please send me your address at my email so I can mail the print
out to you

Mariette xox