Saturday, January 10, 2009

DAY 9:Self Portrait and Dedication to Pooh!

Created stamp in photoshop , then printed on green vellum.
I also made a brush out of it, which is really neat ;-). Angel reaching our on left page.
Dedicating this journal self portrait to suzi
belove Pooh.
Mariette xox


~Barb~ said...

I love your pages! I have so many pages started and I want to get to work on them but just haven't had the time or felt the inspiration to complete any of them. *sigh* You are inspiring me to get back at them.
Peace & Love,

artlover said...

Hi Barb!
Thanks for your comment!
Looking forward to see some of your pages;-)))

Mariette xox

Ms Dragonfly said...

that's so sweet of you!

i wanted to enter the contest for the painting. i don't know where to put it so i will do it here. hope that's ok.

the death of my brother and others this year have inspired me to get my affairs in order, love more, share more, live more, and say what i want people to know just in case it's the last. and it assured me that it's ok that i demand a hug and kiss from my son every time he leaves me because you never know. it is a bit fatalistic but he died without warning. i didn't get to have last words with him because it was all supposed to be minor medical stuff. nothing deadly. i didn't want to bother him. now, i'm going to bother people more often. cease the day!

when i sit down to paint my son inspires me the most. i do better if he is with me when i create!