Friday, January 2, 2009


DAY 1: The first picture is the Journal I am using for my entries. I made this journal book last
year, and thought it would be a great book for my January entries. A project was started
by Milliande at her site. The goal is to do a journal entry every day for the month of January.
Come and join in if you wish. Only two days to catch up.
Tiles and doors in my entry are provided by Milliande at her site.
If you would like to post a link here to your site , I would like to see what you create!
Get those creative juices flowing.

The beginning of my pages in my journal are aspens on the left, and hands towards the heavens.
The hands represents a dual meaning here for me. Last year I broke my wrist and it was a learning curve. I learned how to use my left hand for painting, writing and other things. It is also embracing the Beginning of the New Year. Above there's a chinese symbol. In english it translates" Of a Good Beginning Cometh a Good End".
Following is the Old Door of 2008, closing the door, entering a new door for 2009. Milliande gives a gread video on how to create the doors. Check it out!
Day 2: My day 2 entry is Embracing the Goddess.
"I Embrace the Sacred Goddess Within"...I celebrate the magic!

Mariette xox


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