Friday, January 16, 2009

White Thursday:Self Portrait with Bijou

Into the white. This was most challenging
I was playing with the whites to get some
reasonable amount of darks also.
It was made on very thick cardboard ( almost
looked like bookboard) ,which was attached to a teething cooler for Bijou my cat . He's 10 months old and bites
into everything. He chewed off the cord on my yoga pants lol
I gessoed the thick cardboard three times on both side, and it was wonderful to work on. It's 81/2 x 51/2..
I have some beautiful silk ribbon , and I think it's ready
to hang up;-)))
Mariette xox


~Barb~ said...

One day I hope that my artistic ability rises to the point I can do portraits...yours is so beautiful. And what a beauty Bijou is, too. I love that name, Bijou. Where did you come up with it from?
Peace & Love,

artlover said...

Thanks Barb!
Hope your feeling better!!!
Bijou was an abandoned kitten I
brought back with me from a trip
to the maritimes last summer.
The name came in a dream I had
prior to picking him up from an inn
owner , who was taking care of him.
When I'm in the maritimes my sisters, and I collect beach glass.
I also called them 'beach gem'..(gem in french is 'bijou')

Mariette xox

misty said...

your white page is a wonderful self portrait, so very sweet! oh how i look forward to bringing another cat into our lives when we move. xo