Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yesterday, I came across this neat little southwest indian stencil booklet , while I was looking for bookboards at the goodwill store. It was my lucky day. I ended up with ten bookboards of various size, and this little stencil booklet sitting on top of one of the books.
I created this in my journal with the Hopi Flute Dancers.
It's a big ceremony , and the rites involve in this celebration is to bring
about abundance, crop growth, fertility etc...
Here's my rendition
Mariette xox


~Barb~ said...

Your spread is great! But you have to tell me (and I hope I don't sound like an idiot)...what is a bookboard? Am I a dummy? lol
Peace & Love,

artlover said...

Hi Barb!
Book boards are books that are made with paper that are made
thick and stiff like a board.
You'll find them in kid book section, and come in various sizes.
Very popular with mixed media artists

Mariette xox