Friday, October 23, 2009

Handcrafted Book

This is my latest handcrafted book based on one of my
original paintings Taking Flight.
This one of a kind handcrafted coptic stitch book is based on one of my paintings, which is sold as prints in my shop.
It is art in book form which you can display on your desk, or when not in use tie with a cord with two beads on each ends.
Affirmations written at random on front cover.
Various papers with three signatures lines the book.
You'll find lined paper,Arches and Aquarelle watercolor paper (140 lb and 300 lb),St. Armand paper,(from Montreal),Drawing paper.. enough to satisfy your creative needs.
The back cover is made with a beautiful batik print.
Signed by me on inside back cover.
Taking Flight is 7" x 9".
Taking flight is about new directions.
Letting go of the old, and renewing with new possibilities in discovering our highest potentials.
Adorned with wool, and ribbon, charms.
A handcrafted bookmark covered with vellum and ribbon with two beads comes with the book to carry you throughout the very end with your treasured thoughts, memories.

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