Sunday, May 16, 2010

First of Three Paintings Commission

I am working on three paintings presently for one person.
The theme is Three Sisters..I just finished the first one.
The first one I just finished was inspired by Raphael The Three Graces.
The Three Graces are the personification of grace and beauty.
In Raphaels The Three Graces all women have their hand on each other's shoulders, and I was immediately
inspired to create a mixed media work using that same idea , because the Three Sisters are very close to each other. It was a great challenge, and enjoyed creating this  artwork for Jenni.
Although Jenni and I know each other only thru helping each other out thru etsy, we don't know each other well; but after doing these three paintings I feel a closeness I can relate to,because we are also Three Sisters.

In the Three Sisters I created the customer wanted specific items held in their hands a sun, moon and star

 The second painting was inspired from a photo of my 2 sisters and myself. 
In this painting more so than the other two, I felt some sadness.Just
the way it turned out. By writing the three words Love Faith and Hope it enhanced
the love and closeness of the Three Sisters under trying situations

In the last painting The Three Sisters are under an arch. I was inspired by different artists.
I used a crackling technique
to make the building look old.This painting also depicts the closeness with The Three Sisters.

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