Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cone Shape Doll

I purchase one very hard cone shape cardboard at a recycled store called Urban Source here in Vancouver.
I stuffed it and taped both ends with masking tape then paper mache.Put one layer of clear gesso, and one layer of paint. Paperclay head neck and bodice. I've place the wire , where her  dangling arms and legs will be. It's  currently drying outside, and have to wait for 24 hours until I could further work on it !
Made a paperclay head, neck and bodice..Waiting 24 hours for it to dry.


lynne h said...

hi art lover,

thank you for your nice words over at my place... : ) re: your question, yes, i apply the gel medium to the page before i start working - to protect the paper more than anything, but also because it provides a surface that's easy to smear the oil pastel around on. but you don't *have* to put it down first - i've done plenty of pieces without putting the gel medium down first. i happen to be working on old book pages now, so the gel medium makes them a lot stronger. i don't put any gel medium on at the end...

this doll is off to a lovely start. : )



artlover said...

Hi lynne!
So nice to meet you!
Thanks so much for your advice.
I've added you, and will be visiting you.;-)
I love your yummy, textural.
Thanks about my doll..I'm using paperclay, and had to let it dry a good 2 days , before I could continue.
I'll be getting back to her soon;-)