Monday, December 26, 2011

I am here .........

 This is what I wrote in my little handcrafted Angel Book.  I called this journal "Life's Special Moments" . First entry is a poem from a prompt by Misty "I am Here" for her upcoming workshop                                                                       
   I Am  Here 
Shoulder shrugs,
A smile,
Quick glances,
Hurries by,
A moments pleasure,
A real treasure,
Walking by
Smelling the flowers,
French Conversations,
With the waitress from 'France',
C'est bien j'aime ca ~!
Shrugs..what to do..what to do?
There will be plenty..!
Meeting great artists online
Will be a mighty fine~
It'll be a moments pleasure
That I will surely treasure
I feel excited to learn new techniques
And taking a workshop with the wonderful
Misty Mawn
It will be a great experience
Sharpened up the pencils, got my paints
Patience it will be
It won't be to long now
Until we will be shown the know how;-)
Copyright Mariette H.

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