Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy solstice !

Many cultures celebrates solstice, which happens twice a year.
Here's a link on the science of solstice
Many people celebrate throughout the world with special events to honor this day.
In Vancouver here, different parts of the city have organised workshops, lantern making etc..
 At one of the community center there's a labyrinth of light, that one can walk thru.It's a meditative walk to help release old  attachments, and renew oneself as the darkest night of the year births a new season.
I love  candles, and find so much peace, and serenity, when  I light one.
In my hallway I have a big blue bowl with floating candles, surrounded with angel cards, and a photo of the Dalai Lama. I pick an angel card everyday , which inspires me, and sets my day on the right track, observing and meditating on the message presented to me.


Artist/Painter said...

I absolutely love this post my friend. Wishing you a happy solstice indeed. May our attachements be lessened and our aversions too! Lol!

And, may the holidays bring you deep peace and joy : )

artlover said...

Hi Gwen!
So nice to hear from you;-)
Ohh yes, it's one we constantly have to 'hone' in to ;-)
It becomes a little easier once we get the hang of it; ..or does it?;-)

Wishing you love,peace,light,health,and creativity for the New Year to you and yours ;-)