Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last minute recycling ideas !

Running behind..busy more wrapping paper!
Here's two ideas using a handled paper handbag, and handmade paper;-)
Have fun and be creative..
A personal touch always feel so good and satisfying, and also ooak.;-)
The first one I simply made a collage on the front, used tissue paper ,golden snowflakes, silver stars, stamping, decorating until I was happy  for an xmas theme.
I also wrapped a decorative ribbon around the handles, and tied at the base of handle.
Bought some gorgeous tissue paper at one of my favorite store here in Vancouver called 'Urban Source', an Alternative art material store. (a place to surely visit if your in Vancouver;-))
For the second one I used some handmade paper (which I had), folded in half to length. I wanted  re: gift then sewed it .Once done , I opened it so the seam would be in middle. Folded the bottom, approx. an inch, than sewed across.
For the top I used little red mini eyelets all around, and laced a golden ribbon thru it and time to fill it with your gifts
As an alternative you could use regular packaging paper, and also decorate it ;-)
These two are for my sister and niece ;-)

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johnniebelinda said...

I love what you done with the bags