Tuesday, February 3, 2009

PRINT GIVEAWAY! Expressionistic Acrylic Collage

As an artist I think it's important to experiment .
It broadens our horizon, and opens up our mind.
I was inspired by an artist from Cincinatti by the
name of Merle Rosen http://www.merlerosen.com/ ,who
works in a variety of media. I took an online workshop http://storefront.theplatform.com/GetStorefrontEvent.event?page=6&pid=CK4RjzktyKz5nA4WCxJG2wuzZPcrnbsW with
two videos from Merle Rosen, and was inspired by her.
I wanted to try it out myself.
Your in touch with your stream of consciusness during this
painting process, and results in interesting outcomes.
When I was finished with this first piece it aroused a sense
of joy, and contentment . I was giddyish , like a child every
time I looked at it.
I used recycled material from my kitchen for stamping.
The collage was done on a watercolor canvas board, and
collage pieces on yupo paper
I used various gel mediums, and acrylic paints
Now, I want a name for this painting.
Please enter and give this painting a name.
I will choose the title i like best then the winner will
win a print.
You can enter more than once, if you come up with
another title.
The deadline is Feb. 14th!
The winner will be announced on Feb. 15th!

Mariette xox


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Tammy said...

The first thing that I think of when I see this is ~ "Life is Calling" It's welcoming and makes you want to step into the painting with the wonderfully colorful character.

Bill C. said...

"The Offering"

Gluten Free Mama said...

"pondering nature" is what came to mind when i first saw this on creativesouls while browsing photos. i'm really drawn to this piece. love it mucho! i just want to kiss him (or her). :)

"altered" alicia

thismuseofmine said...

The first few things I thought of when I saw this print, were:
"this posie's for you"
"for you my friend"
"the giving bloom"
Hope one of these work for you.

Johnna said...

"Walking Through Morning"
I love this piece! It brings "Sunshine to My Soul"

Rena Sawatski said...

Great piece and love the colours and concept.

I would call it "Enjoying the Moment" or Natures Glory.

Anonymous said...

Mariette, I love this painting...it makes me smile.

I would name this painting: Enlightened Journey!