Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Prayer Flag

This is a prayer flag on painted canvas I created for a "Prayer Flag Swap" It's 5" x8" with a 2" flap folded over. I made an origami crane, and attached it on cord , which is attached to the main cord for hanging. It has little beads on top and bottom of crane. There's a dragon fly on upper left(hard to see), and a 'wish' on upper right (hard to see as well) There's 6 little sashi mirrors . (You can see colors reflection in them. It's neat to see when the flag moves in the wind. Three flowers and 3 little creatures. The cord is sari silk ribbon wrapped around with a fancier ribbon to give more room for the crane to dance in the wind;-) When the wind blows "'Love and Compassion " is sent to all. I really enjoyed creating this.