Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is a dedication to my mother called 'ANGELINA' after my mother's name.

My mother comes from a family of musician. She sings and plays the guitar.

Most of her brothers plays the fiddle.

I've used lint from the dryier for her collar, and end of sleeve for her dress. Added gold leaf on top. I did attached a golden rhinestone at the end ; but haven't taken a picture of it yet.

The background on the hat is from the paper suzi sent us.

Did some stencilling with water color.

Added some very fine glitter for the eyes.

The landscape was an idea that came to my mind during the process. I felt like adding a couple of houses, and some trees.

The flowers are a design from a $10 dress I picked up from a thrift shop.
Haiku poem for this painting
Sweet Angelina
A sweet melody for you
Warming heart and soul


Iris said...

Fantastic, I love it! I think using lint in your painting is such a great idea, I love it when you can use little things from every day life, especially things that you'd usually throw away!

Anonymous said...

This is Beautiful!!!

artlover said...

Thank you iris and lovingcgm for your comments;-)))