Monday, September 1, 2008

'Les Petites Doll' Workshop Experience;-)

Today feels like a fall day in Vancouver.
Autumn will soon orchestrate its beautiful colors or reds and yellow throughout the city.
September is normally a beautiful month in Vancouver from my past experience.
What have I been up to?
I've been busy practicing my 'pretty little dolls' with the lovely suziblu.
She is currently giving a "Les Petites Dolls' online
workshop, and iit s 'fantabulous'.
This is done on a piece of 6x12 birch wood which I picked up at Michael's.
Today I went to Windsor another hardware store, and bought 5' x 5' birch wood.
The guy will cut it up 6"x12" pieces for me, which will give be about 50 pieces.
I will be picking it up tomorrow.
This will make many paintings;-)))
I've been practicing little faces, and am at the point where my next
challenge of actually working on wood as finally come.
This is my first time ever painting on wood, and learning how to woodburn.
It is very fun and satisfying at the same time!
Beside learning how to paint on wood, and woodburning, I am learning shading.
I had a little accident while I was woodburning. When I was burning the
outlines on my little dolls I was lowering the tool to much , and left a few umm..
third degree burns scars on the face in the middle, and a bit to the side of the middle one.
I might be able to work something out; but will wait and see.
There's always more wood;-)
I still have to learn how to handle that tool properly, as it is my very first time.
I am enjoying this process tremendously.
Drawing little girls is more than drawing little girls!
I feel it touches on deeper levels on who we are as women, and how to bring
out the little girl within out to play.
I used the famous saying .. See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Say No Evil ; but I turned
it around ..Tee Hee Hee
I will name it something different when it's completely done; but it is loosely based
on that saying~
Have a great day!

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