Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spread your Wings

   140 lbs Fabriano watercolor hot press paper  
        Acrylics, ink,Stabilo 'All",gel pen                         

A new Journal entry.
Inspired by nature photo of a snow deer and a Northern Flicker with a whimsical touch.

"Spread Your Wings" by Mariette H.
Surrender, Surrender
To the limiltess love
Which lies within your heart
With purity
A song,a poem so lovely
Beauty abounds
Quiet sounds
In the still forest
Come and take a rest
Listen in Silence and watch the Magic unfold
Butterfly, Butterfly
SPread your wings
Learn to fly
To distant lands
Where no limit is at hand
Your heart of gold
Of stories untold
Spread your wings
Learn to fly...