Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beautiful Dreamer

I'm on a 4" x 4"mini art work kick these days, and loving it.
I just finished a series,(the four whimsical set below this post) which were sold in my Etsy, to
a wonderful customer overseas.
I'm starting a new series, and my first one is called
"Beautiful Dreamer" was created on vellum, and glued 
on thick cardboard. I found these gorgeous mini bottle caps,and 
just adore them so much! I use them here to create little whimsy
flowers. She's a dreamer,and her dress is decorated with words, butterfly wings,flowers in her hair, and a evening mood background,just when the sun as set. Done in pencil,acrylic,oil pastels,and dripping beeswax, which smell oh so yummy. A chenille ribbon thru an apple green mini eyelet  for hanging, makes a great display


Adriann said...

Congrats on your quick sell! All of lovely. TFS!

artlover said...

Thanks Adriann;-)