Saturday, August 25, 2012

Altered Incense Box

I love incense, and some come wrapped in
beautiful boxes. I used this one and
altered it to make it one of a kind.
                                                              1. Inside
                                                              2. Back
                                                             3.Front and
                                                                Middle panel
                                                            4. Closed front
5.Close up of little bird hung by wire on 
recycle incense holder surrounded
with rhinestones


Carol said...

Very nice! I know I must have some of those boxes stash away somewhere. I know I would never have thrown them away...but oh where did I put them ?

artlover said...

You'll probably find it, when your not looking for it lol..;-)

Ayala Art said...

Beautiful altered box!
Mariette, I need to tell you: your link to the 29 faces challenge needs to be changed, it is pointed to an old post from April and no one will see your new work!
Add a tag to the faces posts and I will change it for you. The tag can be "29 faces" or "29 faces september" or something like that, in all the related posts. Let me know if you need help.

artlover said...

Thanks Ayala ;-)