Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DAY 9:' Angel Love With Puffy Hair'

Painting free and loose today
to release a bit of stress.
4" x4" miniature art on thick
cardboard done in pencil,
watersoluble crayons, and acrylics.
I laughed a whole lot @ the title;-)
Was a great stress reliever!


Jenxo said...

know what you mean about being a great stress reliever...great painting. i love your big hair angel...:) said...

Puffy Hair is a great title,your right, its hard to say without smiling!! Lovely little painting

Piarom said...

ohh you inspire me to do the same ;) what a wonderful beauty stress reducer, hihi

artlover said...

tks lovely ones..go ahead Piarom. You have my blessings xox