Monday, May 28, 2012

Journal Entry "city Girl Blues"

 " City Girl Blues" done in my rock paper journal!
Journaling for me is a way of releasing.There's no
right or wrong on how it should look; but
just expressing yourself on how your feeling
at that  moment. It's a great way to use little
bits of paper here and there from other projects.
The  little door which opens
  was a Thank You card from an etsy transaction.
"City Girl Blues" is about living in a big city,having chai @ my
 favorite cafe, and sometimes 
feeling blue.( but short lived!)
I used pencil,acrylics,washi tape,collaging. 
The little crayon houses were from a print that didn't 
turn out to my liking ...sooo it was perfect.

6 comments: said...

Lovely painting, so full of life.
I love going to the city, sitting at an outside table with a cup of hot chocolate and watching the world go by...always cheers me up!

Piarom said...

She is so adorable with her hot coffeecup above her cool the open door!

artlover said...

Thanks hello and Piarom;-)

Mika said...

I love your paintings! I would like to put a button on my blog, and motley soul.

Mika said...

I really love your creative energy

artlover said...

Thanks Mika...;-)
Ahhh tks. I feel honored;-)